About Us

Hey Y'all!

Jordan here! I am the gal behind the scenes that made her dream of owning a boutique into a reality. I have always had a "passion for fashion", cheesy I know, and grew up always trying to stay up to date on trends. Originally from San Jose, California, I was always in love with the Western lifestyle. I definitely stuck out in my group of friends as the "western" girl, who lived in a city of course. In 2021 I moved out to a small town in Colorado and I mean small (800 people). Out here we are a huge ranching community and I learned to help out on the ranch as much as I could. I truly fell in love with this lifestyle the second I moved here. After moving my boyfriend encouraged me to start my passion project and open a boutique, thus Dappled Darlin' was born. 

Our mission is to empower western enthusiasts with authentic style and quality craftsmanship, Dappled Darlin' is dedicated to curating an exclusive collection that celebrates the heritage, spirit, and rugged elegance of the Western Lifestyle. As we expand our business, our mission remains rooted in providing unparalleled customer experiences, fostering a community of like-minded individuals, and preserving the timeless essence of the Western lifestyle through our unique offering!🤠